Self explanatory blend of Sumatran and Guatemalan coffees. Smooth finish with a BIG hit.
Very smooth medium dark mix of Guatemalan and Honduran beans. Designed to be easily drank to increase consumption.
A rich dark roast blend of Sumatran, Sidamo & Guatemalan coffees. Full bodied with a complexity added by the sun-dried Sidamo.
A medium roast blend based on Honduran and Guatemalan coffees. Balanced, full flavour with a gentler roast flavour.
A complex combination of 5 different coffees each roasted separately. Designed to be a more traditional Italian style of espresso.
A Swiss Water Peruvian decaf roasted a little above medium to provide great flavour that will make you think it is caffeinated.

About my beans...

All of my coffees are carefully selected for flavour, quality and consistency. Everything I roast is Organic and either Fairtrade certified or bought directly from the growers.

The blends are designed to highlight the most sought after qualities that drinkers look for in their cup of coffee. Each bean is roasted separately to bring out its unique flavour and profile and then added together to build something that is greater than the sum of its parts.

For the coffee enthusiast the individual varietals are available by custom order as well as individually crafted blends. Keep an eye out for occasional featured beans and blends.

Patricks Beans is committed to helping the communities in which I operate through a monthly coffee donation to the local emergency shelter system and working closely with non-profits and community groups to raise money for projects and programs. If you are planning a fundraiser or event please get in touch.

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